Prismatic Pull: Loki Suspends Campaign, Queer Kickstarters Ask “Check, Please?”

Welcome to the Prismatic Pull, a weekly recap of LGBTQIA comics news. Not to be confused with the Prismatic Skrull, who has been unfairly imprisoned by Marvel for far too long.

Out Last Week

Single Issues:

  • Harley Quinn #4
  • Vote Loki #4
  • Ringside #7

Collected Trades:

  • Constantine: The Hellblazer vol 2

News Reel

  • DC and IDW (and possibly others?*) have joined forces to publish Love is Love, an 144-page comic whose proceeds will go towards those affected by the Orlando massacre. This one-shot, which will be released in December, features 100+ stories by a wide array of creators.
    • *Southern Bastards, a series published by Image Comics, will, according to writer Jason Latour, also have a strip in the comic. This possibly leaves the door open for creator-owned properties from other publishers to appear as well.
    • The comic will feature both original and DC characters, but none from IDW.
  • Tickets for Flame Con 2017 are now on sale.


Chromatic Crowdfunding

  • Check, Please is…don’t even pretend like you’re reading this and you haven’t heard about it. If you’ve been frozen in a glacier: Check, Please is Ngozi Ukazu’s webcomic about a gay figure skater/baker-turned-hockey-player named Bitty; it’s currently funding for its second volume.
    • As of writing, it is 741% funded with 24 days left to obliterate Diamond surpass the Bible in projected sales finish funding.
    • Its meteoric success also spawned a great Twitter thread by Colin Spacetwinks about the failures of the Direct Market.
  • Danielle Corsetto’s award-winning, completed humor webcomic Girls with Slingshots is now funding for its ninth and tenth volumes on Kickstarter.
    • As of writing, it is 250% funded with 3 days left to finish funding.

Queer Protagonists List Update

  • Removed Loki Laufeyson in Vote Loki by Christopher Hastings and Langdon Foss
    • When I asked the universe to end the campaign of a manipulative, fascist, serial liar, I should have been more specific.

This Week in Comics

Backstagers #2, Lumberjanes #30, Detective Comics #941, Harley Quinn and Her Gang of Harleys #6, Hellblazer #2, ODY-C #11, New Avengers #16.

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Prismatic Pull: Queer Mermaids, Witches, and Shapeshifters, Oh My!

Welcome to the Prismatic Pull, a weekly recap of LGBTQIA comics news. Not to be confused with the “Prismatic Pool,” a game where queer folk bet over which Big Two superhero will come out next.

Out Last Week

Single Issues:

  • Kim & Kim #2, Harley Quinn #3, Goldie Vance #5, Alters #1, Woods #25

Collected Trades:

  • Princess Princess Ever After HC, Poison Ivy Cycle Of Life And Death TPB, Empty Zone vol. 2, Lumberjanes vol. 2 HC

News Reel

  • Oni Press has announced two new queer-inclusive comics projects:
    • Fabiola & Ylini, a YA graphic novel about geeky queer mermaid romance, by Juliet Kahn and Amanda Scurti.
    • The Tea Dragon Society, a Katie O’Neill webcomic that will be collected as an Oni graphic novel upon conclusion, follows blacksmith Greta as she discovers the fading art of tea dragon husbandry.

Promotional image by Katie O’Neill.

  • Voting for the 3rd Annual Autostraddle Comic And Sequential Art Awards is now live! Check out the nominees for “Favorite All-Ages Comic,” “Favorite Queer Couple,” “Favorite Colorist,” and more.
  • Geeks OUT!, an organization designed to promote queer geeks and fandom, is looking for new blog contributors.
  • Lilies, an lesbian-themed anthology, is currently seeking submissions for its second volume (themed around “stars, outer space and the night sky”).
    • Note: Since the book is offered for free digital download, contributors are only promised payment if the book sells in print.

Queer Commentary

  • Kim & Kim writer Magdalene Visaggio, over at Paste Magazine, wrote about the problem with cis creators writing trans narratives.
  • ComicsAlliance writer Emma Lawson honored queer comics icon Alison Bechdel with a short overview of her history.
  • My Flame Con interviews with indie comics rockstar Blue Delliquanti and mainstream legend Phil Jimenez went live on ComicsAlliance last week.

Chromatic Crowdfunding

  • Power & Magic is a queer witches of color comics anthology edited by Joamette Gil, featuring the work of 17 different women, demigirls, and bigender women of color.
    • As of writing, it is 39% funded with 25 days left to reach its goal.
  • Flutter is Jennie Wood and Jeff McComsey’s critically-acclaimed graphic novel series about a queer shapeshifting teen girl, her friends, and their misadventures. It launched a Kickstarter last night to fund its third and final installment.
    • As of writing, it is 20% funded with 32 days left to reach its goal.
  • Stripling Warrior is a comic series featuring what it bills as the first gay Mormon superheroes. After successfully funding its first several issues in an earlier campaign, it is now raising money for its first collection.
    • As of writing, it is 15% funded with 24 days left to reach its goal.

Queer Protagonists List Update

  • Added Chalice from Alters by Paul Jenkins and Leila Leiz

This Week in Comics

Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy #4, DC Comics Bombshells #17, Detective Comics #940, Harley Quinn vol. 4, Harley Quinn vol. 5 HC, Merry Men #3.

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Prismatic Pull: Stealth Edition

Welcome to the Prismatic Pull, both a weekly recap of LGBTQIA comics news and [secret placeholder].

Hey there! If you’re reading this, you are a dedicated-ass reader (and for that I am grateful) because I did not advertise this piece on social media at all.

Flame Con took over my life last week, so I was not able to give this week’s PP its due. Still, I partway use this column as an archive of queer news and having a wholly absent week would leave an incomplete archive.

Out Last Week

Single Issues:

  • Backstagers #1
  • Harley Quinn #2
  • Xena: Warrior Princess #5
  • The Wicked + The Divine #22
  • Lumberjanes #29
  • Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #56

Collected Trades:

  • Cry Havoc vol. 1
  • Jem and the Holograms vol. 3
  • Hellblazer vol. 14

News Reel

  • Flame Con 2017 is confirmed to be a thing!

Past the Page

  • Runaways series on Hulu! May Karolina’s rainbow be bright and Xavin’s genderfluidity be respected.

Queer Protagonists List Update

  • Added Jory, Hunter, and Beckett to the list for Backstagers by James Tynion IV and Rian Sygh

This Week in Comics

Harley’s Little Black Book #4, Hellblazer #1, New Avengers #15.

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Capsule Commentary: Suicide Squad


Suicide Squad left me with two competing feelings throughout the viewing: intense boredom and second-hand embarrassment.

How a movie can take such an interesting concept and interesting characters and talented actors and flatten them so hard is beyond me.

Hearing that the film was “an extended ‘no homo'” critique earlier was unexpected since there’s no ‘mo to ho in this film, but I get it.

The stank of normative heteromasculinity was just so pungent throughout this film. Like, noxious even.

“here’s a movie about a lot of potentially really interesting villains of marginalized identities”
“let’s make it about rick flag”

in true comics fashion, the film tried to use exposition instead of meaningful characterization—great sticking to source material, there

I would watch an entire movie of Viola Davis! Amanda Waller doing anything, though. Laundry, eating another meal, scolding the DMV, whatever

I’ll give it to the actors: they tried
most kudos to will smith, viola davis, margot robbie, and the actors with too little material to tell

beyond my limit with folks writing harley quinn who have /no idea/ why people like harley quinn

“she’s ‘crazy,’ she’s ‘funny,’ and she wants to bone my villainous self-insert—nailed it.”

this movie was flipping DRENCHED in high-key low-key sexism & racism, yo

“but they were VILLAINS!!”
ah yes, marginalized folks are upset by abusive language because of its narrative logic

god, poor adam beach
what an obvious and disgusting way to treat him and his character
great indigenous rep there, suicide squad

every female character except waller was done dirty by this film, let me say

harley is such an interesting character and she was wasted
WTF was the enchantress/june moone stuff
why was katana subordinate to flag

I feel like rick flag is symbolic for a lot of this film’s problems

“how should we place the soundtrack in the movie?”
“pin-the-tail on the donkey style editing”


Prismatic Pull: Maggie Sawyer, Angela, and “Shattered” Expectations

Welcome to the Prismatic Pull, your weekly recap of LGBTQIA comics news.

Out Last Week

To my knowledge, no new queer comics started last week, but also! none were canceled. I’ll take that as a win. Fortunately, many already queer series continued their #blessed gay work.

Single Issues:

  • Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy #2
  • Space Battle Lunchtime #3
  • Satellite Falling #3
  • Goldie Vance #4
  • Insexts #6
  • New Avengers #13
  • DC Comics Bombshells #15
  • The Wicked + The Divine #21
  • Detective Comics #936

Collected Trades

  • DC Comics Bombshells vol. 2
  • Bravest Warriors vol. 7

News Reel

  • Actress Floriana Lima has been cast as out lesbian cop Maggie Sawyer on the CW’s Supergirl! Elle Collins sums up my thoughts about the casting:

  • Marvel unveiled a catalogue with a preliminary checklist and cover gallery of its upcoming NOW! titles—and it’s even more abysmal than the promotional material implied. Every single character in the “shattered” promos got a solo title—including Foolkiller, Solo, and Slapstick—except Ms. America Chavez. Across the 150+ characters appearing on the released covers, I only recognize four acknowledged-queer characters: Pod and Toni Ho Iron Patriot in USAvengers, Flat-Man in Great Lakes Avengers, and Ms. America in Ultimates.
  • Angela is getting her own Sideshow Premium Format Figure!


Queer Protagonists List Update

  • Added Angela for Guardians of the Galaxy by Brian Michael Bendis and Valerio Schiti
  • Added Goldie Vance for Goldie Vance by Hope Larson and Brittney Williams

This Week in Comics

  • Lumberjanes #28, Hellblazer: Rebirth #1, Xena the Warrior Princess #4, Merry Men #2.

Prismatic Panel Fanart of the Week

God bless America and Ramon Villalobos.

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Prismatic Pull: Iron Circus Comics, USAvengers, and Lesbian Vikings

Welcome to the Prismatic Pull, your weekly recap of LGBTQIA comics news and also a great name for a rainbow sweater.

Out Last Week

The very queer (measured in units of Bechdel-Wallace, naturally) collected trade of Angela: Queen of Hel came out last week, as did the last issue of Starve with #10. Also out: Jem and the Holograms #16, Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems #4, and Empty Zone #9.

News Reel

  • Midnighter & Apollo are getting their own six-issue miniseries starting in October! It’s written by previous Midnighter scribe Steve Orlando with art by Fernando Blanco and covers by ACO.
  • Iron Circus Comics has announced yet another queer comics project added to its publishing lineup: Meal by Blue Delliquanti. The 2017 graphic novel stars chef Yarrow McMurray on her mission to put the grub back in grub with insect-inspired cuisine.
  • ICC also announced Crossplay by Niki Smith, a collection of comics erotica that I had somehow missed last week. The author describes it as a “queer love letter to cosplay and fandom.” Before publishing through ICC in 2017, it will be told serially on comics erotica site Filthy Figments.
  • Ms. America is one several characters to appear in the “Marvel NOW!” publishing initiative promo art. Unfortunately, she is the lone identifiably queer character in the line-up.
  • Sometime this fall, the New Avengers will morph into new team U.S.Avengers. In the transition, the ensemble keeps robot/lesbian hybrid Pod and elevates the presumed queer Toni Ho to role of Iron Patriot, but loses Wiccan and Hulkling in the process.

Kick It to Kickstarter

  • Natasha Alterici’s second volume of Heathen, a feminist lesbian viking comic series, launched last week. As of writing, it has fulfilled both its funding goal and its first stretch goal.
  • Elements: Fire, an all-ages comics anthology by creators of color, edited by Taneka Stotts and Shing Yin Khor, launched just a few days ago and it’s sitting at 55% funding.
  • In the Element: Reunion is a six-issue comic series by Ray Ruzzo and Beth Varni that stars four queer lady superheroes. The base funding goal for the Kickstarter is for the first issue’s digital release; subsequent issues and possible printing feature as stretch goals.

Queer Protagonists List Update

  • Added Kai from Jade Street Protection Services.
  • Removed Gavin Cruikshank from Starve.

Misc. Media

  • Fellow Panelists Preeti Chhibber, Jess Plummer, and I chatted about LGBTQ comics representation on this week’s edition of the Oh, Comics! podcast.
  • Elizabeth Simins’ comic on queer representation (or lack thereof) in the Harry Potter universe is a must-read.

This Week in Comics

  • Kim & Kim #1, Lumberjanes vol. 4, Woods #24, Negative Space TP, Vote Loki #2.

Prismatic Panel of the Week


From Teen Titans #21

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Sassy Civil War Thoughts: Translated

Below are my Civil War opinions, as tweeted through Rot13 code on my Twitter @HonestlyJon. I may add more to these? I may not. Enjoy? And if you liked the movie, don’t yell me for not liking it as much as you do. You liked the movie, that’s a good thing. Also, SPOILERS.

The movie was okay? Mostly disappointing for me. There was just so much crammed in that I felt it failed to deliver on most everything.

I really wish people’d quit letting the MCU skate by on just quips alone. We got so little actual depth to these characters in this movie!

Steve was a husk this movie. Tony was awful, as usual. As cool as Black Panther was, he was one-dimensional AF.

“Duty and honor! You killed my father! Now I must avenge him! I regret vengeance!” That’s it, that’s literally Black Panther this movie.

The only demonstrably intimate moments in this movie came from Natasha & glimpses from Wanda and Vision. The rest? UNDERDEVELOPED ANGSTFEST.

There was a softness/tenderness in Steve in the first two CA movies that felt wholesale absent in this film. I FELT BAD FOR TONY AT THE END.

Don’t get me started on that Sharon/Steve moment. Literal definition of forced heterosexuality. And it felt hella OOC for Steve too.

I’m also over how suffocatingly masculine the MCU films are. So much lack of intimacy/repressed emotions/MANGST/insincerity and I’m bored.

If Tony HAD to be in this movie, the AoU-based guilt is a fine motivator, but that Alfre-Woodard-dead-child thing was mad pointless.

If she didn’t already have an upcoming role on Luke Cage, I’d be MAD frustrated that such a talented actress got such a thankless role.