Some Link It Hot: Midnighter, LGBTQ Rep, and a Queer Superfamily

Hey there! Welcome to Some Link It Hot, my intermittent column collecting links to things I’ve been involved in that can’t otherwise be reposted. (The joke’s that these links are often months old, and thus not very “hot.” Yes, I explain my jokes.)

Into It 57: Midnighter with Jon Erik Christianson (hosted by Elle Collins)

My first ever guest role on a podcast allowed me to chat about one of my favorite topics (Midnighter) with one of my favorite people (Elle Collins). Into It, billed accurately as “A Podcast About Everything You Love,” is a joy because it allows its guests and listeners to squee eternal.

My favorite moment of the discussion, bar none, was when both Elle and I agree that a childhood portrait of Midnighter looked particularly gay. I don’t know why, it just did.

Comics Alliance: The Case For Queer Superboy [Pride Week]

Keeping in the tradition of firsts, June marked my writing debut at Comics Alliance. I’ve been a fan of CA for years, and it was super great to be able to write for the site during its Pride Week in the middle of Pride Month.

I don’t have the cavernous knowledge of comics canon that most comics critics and journalists do, so when presented with an opportunity to write about a queer-ified established hero, I picked a character new to canon but with a powerful potential legacy: Jonathan Kent Superboy.

Oh, Comics! Podcast #85: LGBTQ+ Representation in Comics (hosted by Preeti Chhibber with Jess Plummer)

I’ve been a fan of Oh, Comics! ever since joining Panels last year, and I was positively delighted when Preeti reached out to me asking if I’d like to be a guest. Usual co-host Paul Montgomery was not able to attend the recording, but filling in for him was another lovely person: fellow Panels writer Jess Plummer.

Fitting for Pride Month (it is when I get the most work), we chatted about the current state of LGBTQ+ representation in the comics industry, buoyed by the podcast’s usual positive tone.

Comics Alliance: Can Supergirl Save Us From Batman’s Fear of Femininity?

The Batman mythos has been bumming me out lately in terms of gender normativity politics, so I decided to write about that and why Supergirl, and her new home of National City, have me feeling some hope.

Shoutout to J.A. Micheline for her invaluable editing work.