Who are you?

I’ve been working on the answer to that question for nearly 23 years. I think I’m close!

Very funny, smartass.

Thank you!

You’re welcome. But isn’t it bizarre that you’re talking to yourself?

I don’t feel comfortable answering this question, so I’ll answer the first one.

I’m Jon! Sometimes Jon Erik, depending on how fancy I’m feeling.

I am a writer, intersectional feminist, journalist, comics lover, amateur krumper, member of the queerfolk, Carol Corps member, recent inductee into the Sky High fandom, and other stuff, I imagine.

Why did you create this blog?

I needed to express my opinions on comics somehow, and it was either this or holding passerby hostage with my thoughts on superhero fashion.

This seemed healthier.

What can readers expect on this blog?

slightly more professional tone than what they’re getting here.

Comic reviews, celebrating diversity in comics, yelling about a lack of diversity in comics, discussions on craft, possible reporting?, and various blogging potpourri.

What’s your writing background and experience?

I’m a Boston University graduate with bachelor’s degrees in Journalism and International Relations. On the geekier side of things, I’ve reported on New York Comic Con, Boston Comic Con, Boston comic shops, and more. I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to interview a small army of incredibly talented artists and writers.

In the realm of the non-geeky, I’ve written about climate change, queer representation, theatre, and other miscellany.

I’ve guest posted for DCWomenKickingAss, been quoted at Newsarama, and had climate change pieces picked up the United Nations Wire.

My portfolio can be found here.

Where can I reach you?

Find me on Twitter! My handle is @HonestlyJon. Don’t let my persistent yelling into The Void scare you; I’d love to get feedback.

I can also be reached for longer conversations/inquiries via email at jonerikchristianson[at]gmail[dot]com.

Where’s the image from your blog header from?

It’s from Earth-2 #6 (written by James Robinson, pencils by Nicola Scott). It features Earth-2’s Green Lantern, Alan Scott.

You said some problematic garbage!

Call me out on it. Let me know where I went wrong and I’ll deal with it appropriately. Thanks!

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