Prismatic Pull: Fat Mermaids, Coloring Books, and a New Lumberjane

Welcome to the Prismatic Pull, a weekly recap of LGBTQIA comics news. Not to be confused with the Prismatic Paul. He really hates getting our mail. 

Happy bisexual visibility week! Bi/pan folk, we see you now. No more sneaking cookies from the cookie jar, at least for the next few days.

Out Last Week

Single Issues:

  • Merry Men #3
  • Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy #4
  • DC Comics Bombshells #17
  • Detective Comics #940

Collected Trades:

  • Harley Quinn vol. 4
  • Harley Quinn vol. 5 HC

News Reel

  • Limerence Press, the sex-positive imprint from Oni Press, announced three projects that are either queer-inclusive, by queer creators, or both!
    • The Queer Health Field Guide by Mady G and Jude Vigants — an “educational comic appropriate for both teens and adults that covers subjects such as dating, sexuality, gender, and coming out.”
    • Oh Joy Sex Toy: The Coloring Book by Erika Moen — a, you guessed, coloring book inspired by Moen’s hit educational webcomic.
    • The Glass Mountain Coloring Book by Trungles — an erotic adults coloring book based loosely on the Polish fairy tale.


  • Mariko Tamaki, co-creator behind the critically-acclaimed This One Summer and Skim, has entered the superhero foray as the announced writer behind Marvel’s Hulk and DC’s Supergirl: Being Super miniseries.
  • With issue #28, the Lumberjanes have gained a new member: non-binary camper Barney. Autostaddle’s Mey Rude praises the creative decision in her most recent Drawn to Comics.

Queer Commentary

  • Vincent, founder of Mx. & Co, an online publication supporting creative works from non-binary trans folk, interviewed a batch of non-binary contributors from Paige Hall’s Fat Mermaid Zine.

Queer Protagonists List Update

  • Removed Miguel José Barragan, a.k.a. Bunker, in Teen Titans by Tony Bedard and Ian Churchill

This Week in Comics

Constantine: The Hellblazer vol. 2, Harley Quinn #4, Ringside #7, The Wicked + The Divine: 1831 #1, Vote Loki #4.

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