Prismatic Pull: Queer Mermaids, Witches, and Shapeshifters, Oh My!

Welcome to the Prismatic Pull, a weekly recap of LGBTQIA comics news. Not to be confused with the “Prismatic Pool,” a game where queer folk bet over which Big Two superhero will come out next.

Out Last Week

Single Issues:

  • Kim & Kim #2, Harley Quinn #3, Goldie Vance #5, Alters #1, Woods #25

Collected Trades:

  • Princess Princess Ever After HC, Poison Ivy Cycle Of Life And Death TPB, Empty Zone vol. 2, Lumberjanes vol. 2 HC

News Reel

  • Oni Press has announced two new queer-inclusive comics projects:
    • Fabiola & Ylini, a YA graphic novel about geeky queer mermaid romance, by Juliet Kahn and Amanda Scurti.
    • The Tea Dragon Society, a Katie O’Neill webcomic that will be collected as an Oni graphic novel upon conclusion, follows blacksmith Greta as she discovers the fading art of tea dragon husbandry.

Promotional image by Katie O’Neill.

  • Voting for the 3rd Annual Autostraddle Comic And Sequential Art Awards is now live! Check out the nominees for “Favorite All-Ages Comic,” “Favorite Queer Couple,” “Favorite Colorist,” and more.
  • Geeks OUT!, an organization designed to promote queer geeks and fandom, is looking for new blog contributors.
  • Lilies, an lesbian-themed anthology, is currently seeking submissions for its second volume (themed around “stars, outer space and the night sky”).
    • Note: Since the book is offered for free digital download, contributors are only promised payment if the book sells in print.

Queer Commentary

  • Kim & Kim writer Magdalene Visaggio, over at Paste Magazine, wrote about the problem with cis creators writing trans narratives.
  • ComicsAlliance writer Emma Lawson honored queer comics icon Alison Bechdel with a short overview of her history.
  • My Flame Con interviews with indie comics rockstar Blue Delliquanti and mainstream legend Phil Jimenez went live on ComicsAlliance last week.

Chromatic Crowdfunding

  • Power & Magic is a queer witches of color comics anthology edited by Joamette Gil, featuring the work of 17 different women, demigirls, and bigender women of color.
    • As of writing, it is 39% funded with 25 days left to reach its goal.
  • Flutter is Jennie Wood and Jeff McComsey’s critically-acclaimed graphic novel series about a queer shapeshifting teen girl, her friends, and their misadventures. It launched a Kickstarter last night to fund its third and final installment.
    • As of writing, it is 20% funded with 32 days left to reach its goal.
  • Stripling Warrior is a comic series featuring what it bills as the first gay Mormon superheroes. After successfully funding its first several issues in an earlier campaign, it is now raising money for its first collection.
    • As of writing, it is 15% funded with 24 days left to reach its goal.

Queer Protagonists List Update

  • Added Chalice from Alters by Paul Jenkins and Leila Leiz

This Week in Comics

Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy #4, DC Comics Bombshells #17, Detective Comics #940, Harley Quinn vol. 4, Harley Quinn vol. 5 HC, Merry Men #3.

Have tips for upcoming installations of the Prismatic Pull? Tweet me @HonestlyJon or email me at jonerikchristianson[at]gmail[dot]com.

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